Make a date with Michael Scott!!

‘The Office’ sets a date for Steve Carell’s goodbye
The first night of May sweeps will be the last night at “The Office” for Michael Scott.
NBC has set April 28 as the date for Steve Carell’s final episode on the show, TV Guide reports. That date sticks to the show’s goal to wish Michael goodbye with four episodes left in the season (the hour-long May 19 finale counts as two), and to focus the end of the season on his replacement at Dunder Mifflin.
Will Ferrell will be around for Carell’s departure; his guest arc will begin with the April 14 episode and conclude on May 5, a week after Carell leaves. He’ll be playing another Dunder Mifflin manager and a possible candidate to replace Michael — but (and we don’t think we’re spoiling anything here) he won’t actually get the job.
Carell has earned five Emmy nominations for his work on “The Office”; he’s also won a Golden Globe for playing Michael and shared in the cast’s two Screen Actors Guild ensemble awards.
“The Office” returns to original episodes on March 24.