Doesn’t it seem that – since the reboot failed – that audiences were done with it first?!?

McLachlan done with Lilith Fair
The all-woman Lilith Fair touring festival concept is over, according to co-founder Sarah McLachlan.
The Canadian singer revived the event in 2010 but it was not a success, and despite assurances that Lilith would return, McLachlan insists she’s done with the idea.
She tells the Globe and Mail, “It lived in a time and place, and it probably should have stayed there.
“That’s OK. I learned that. And I’m just excited about looking forward and thinking of carrying forth the ideas from Lilith and maybe doing something new and different.”
The 2010 Lilith Fair, which also featured Carly Simon, The Indigo Girls and Mary J. Blige, suffered from poor ticket sales and the cancellation of a string of billed artists. Many shows were scrapped as a result.