James Bond


New Superman was almost a 007
Henry Cavill missed out on a leading role in Zack Snyder’s 300 epic because he was fighting to become the new 007.
The British star has revealed he had to turn Snyder’s project down because he was in contention to play Bond with the man who landed the spy role, Daniel Craig.
He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, “I came very close. The choice was between a younger Bond and a Bond closer to his 30s, which is to say, Daniel Craig.”
But now he’s working with Snyder on the new Superman movie, seven years after he first planned to play the Man of Steel.
He tells the publication he was up for the superhero part when McG was onboard to direct in 2004.
Cavill says, “It was wonderful to have a second stab at a job – and as a wiser, older, more experienced actor.”