Should be AWESOME!!!

ëOfficeí boss unveils action movie
This Thursdayís episode of The Office (NBC, Global) will feature Steve Carell, playing Michael Scott, playing Agent Michael Scarn.
After 11 years of writing, filming and editing, Michael Scott finally is ready to present his action movie, Threat Level Midnight, to his co-workers. Threat Level Midnight stars Michael Scott as Agent Michael Scarn, Dwight Schrute as Scarnís butler sidekick, and Jim Halpert as arch-nemesis Goldenface.
ìMichael brings in his movie that he always has been shooting,î said John Krasinski, who plays Jim. ìSo we get to have pretty much everybody who has been on the show back.î
Many former cast members re-appear courtesy of Threat Level Midnight, including Jan (Melora Hardin), Karen (Rashida Jones), Helene (Linda Purl), Roy (David Denman) and David Wallace (Andy Buckley).
So does Goldenface have a cool catch phrase or anything like that?
ìI just tell Michael that he should die a lot,î Krasinski said. ìAnd the makeupís not too bad. Itís supposed to be Michaelís production, so itís whatever he could scrounge together from the Halloween shop.î