Uh oh!!

Men In Black III Production Gets Delayed Again
Thing’s aren’t looking great for Men In Black III. In fact, they’re looking downright awful. While many have wondered why we even need another Men in Black movie (particularly because the first sequel was such an extreme downgrade from the first), the production has experienced problems, the most notable being that the film has been on hiatus since December due to script issues (Tommy Lee Jones has even said he has no idea what the movie is about). The film was supposed to go back to shooting this week, but guess what? It’s not happening.
The LA Times is reporting that the production schedule has once again been pushed back for Men in Black III and now won’t be resuming shooting until March 28. According to the report, script issues are still the culprit, with Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can) still hammering out problems with Etan Cohen’s previous draft. The project was initially going to start production all the way back in October, but didn’t actually get going until November. Producer Walter Parkes and a spokesman for the studio said that “seasonal concerns and tax incentives” were the reasons behind splitting up the production. The film’s release date, which is scheduled for May 2012, will not be affected.
This all really doesn’t bode well for Men In Black III. I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard of a movie with a delayed and rushed production with a flimsy script ever resulting in a quality film. Four months is a long time for a cast and crew to be away from a project. It will be interesting to see if they can get their act together.