Good for you, Kevin!! Now start making good movies again!!!

Smith loses 65 pounds after plane shame
Clerks director Kevin Smith has dropped 65 pounds (29 kilograms) since he was asked to leave a plane because he was too fat.
The filmmaker was left fuming after he was ordered to evacuate his seat on a Southwest Airlines flight last February when he was deemed too big to fly.
A year after the incident, Smith admits he has slimmed down after the humiliating experience prompted him to embark on a healthier lifestyle.
But he refuses to trade his loose-fitting hockey jerseys for tighter clothing – because he’s convinced he’ll never have a slender build.
He tells U.S. TV host Joy Behar, “I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin – I’ll never be thin. Let’s be honest, I’ve lost 65 pounds, but nobody’s going, ‘I wanna sleep with you!’ They’re just like, ‘Keep going, you look better.’
“I felt at that moment, ‘I’ll lose the weight, but I’m not putting on thinner clothes.’ I’m still the same person I was when I was 65 pounds heavier… Sometimes a fat dude has a lot to offer, if (you) can just get past the blubber.”