Could I be any more excited?!?

Matthew Perry back in ‘Mr. Sunshine’
LOS ANGELES – Matthew Perryís new TV comedy is called Mr. Sunshineî, but like a lot of things in the life of the former Friends star, the title is ironic.
Mr. Sunshine making its debut on the ABC television network Wednesday, features Perry as a 40 year-old bachelor who is trying not to be a self-obsessed jerk.
Itís a character that Perry, 41, who stars, co-writes and executive produces the show, says he knows well.
ìBen has just pretty much been thinking about himself his entire life, and heís whistling in the dark and thinks heís a happy guy, and learns…that the secret to being happy and maybe gaining some inner peace is to care about others,î Perry said.
ìI think I spent a great deal of my 20s certainly ó and the bulk of my 30s ó a little self-obsessed. And it was in changing that, in my own life, that I thought it would make an interesting character ó sort of watching the 9,000 mistakes a man like that will make trying to transition himself from being a selfish guy to a nice, normal person,î he told reporters.
Farewell then, wisecracking, well-intentioned Chandler Bing ó the character for which Perry is still best known to Friends fans around the world in endless TV reruns.
And welcome Ben Donovan, manager of a California sports arena, who realizes ó as his friend-with-benefits dumps him on his 40th birthday ó that he doesnít really want to be alone and must change.
During the 10-year run of Friends, Perry made two trips to rehab for addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers, and in his career since the show ended, he has struggled to find the kind of success enjoyed by some of his co-stars.
The initial episode of Mr. Sunshine was re-shot to lighten up some of its more melancholic aspects and Perryís character is surrounded by a cast of zany sidekicks, along with a lost elephant and some clowns.
Perry said the setting of the comedy in an entertainment and sports arena allowed for a vast variety of plotlines, from lingerie football to motocross and the odd celebrity guest.
Singer James Taylor, tennis star Jimmy Connors and teen heart-throb Nick Jonas appear in the first few episodes.
But the focus ó and the pressure ó is firmly on Perry, who is making his first return to a major network TV series since the critically-acclaimed drama ìStudio 60 on the Sunset Stripî was yanked off the air in 2006 due to poor ratings.
ìI just wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do something different,î Perry said of his new roles as co-writer and producer.
Early reviews have been mixed. Entertainment Weekly called it ìfrequently sourî but said Perry deserved to succeed, while called the show ìinitially underwhelming.î
In a bit of real-life irony, the new show takes the time slot occupied by Perryís former ìFriendsî co-star Courteney Coxís ìCougar Townî on ABC. Moreover, it comes as other ex-ìFriendsî are similarly ushering out new projects.
Jennifer Aniston has a new movie, Just Go With It in theaters. Lisa Kudrowís Internet show Web Therapy is headed to cable TV. David Schwimmerís second film directing effort Trust hits US.. theaters in April, and Matt LeBlanc is earning praise for making fun of his ìFriends altar-ego, Joey Tribbiani, in another new show Episodes.
ìAnd he looks really good too!,î Perry said of his former co-star, ìwhich I find annoying.î