I still like them!!

Arcade Fire ‘not good people’
A director who made Arcade Fire’s 2008 documentary has launched a scathing attack on the band, insisting the rockers are “not good people” and branding their managers “disgusting” and “awful”.
Filmmaker Vincent Moon spent time with the Canadian group, fronted by Win Butler, while working on their behind-the-scenes movie Miroir Noir, which documented the making of their 2007 album Neon Bible and a tour, and he has now spoken out about his experiences on set.
Moon has criticized the musicians and the way they conduct their business, and he reserves particularly harsh words for the band’s representatives.
He tells Eye Weekly, “They’re not good people, that’s it. And I don’t mean the whole band – I mean the leaders of the band and their management.
“What I hate about the band now is that people call them an indie band and they’re not an indie band, they are a mainstream band… The way they deal with their business is really disgusting for me. The way they deal with things is awful.
“Their management are awful, awful people, and I know what I’m talking about. I have some really terrible stories with them.”