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‘Boston’ Rob and Russell returning to ‘Survivor’
LOS ANGELES ñ “Boston” Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are getting another shot at $1 million. The veteran “Survivor” bad boys will join 16 new contestants for the 22nd edition of the CBS reality TV competition, the network announced Thursday.
It will be the fourth time competing for Mariano (“Marquesas,” “All-Stars,” “Heroes vs. Villains”) and the third for Hantz (“Samoa,” “Heroes vs. Villains”). Neither has ever won the $1 million grand prize.
Mariano and Hantz infamously sparred as members of the villains tribe on the 20th season, with Hantz ultimately besting Mariano by forming an alliance that blindsided the veteran player with his surprise dismissal. Mariano and Hantz will join separate tribes this time, CBS said. Other castaways include former NFL players, an Iraq war veteran and a cheerleader.
“Survivor: Redemption Island” is scheduled to premiere Feb. 16.