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Beasties’ Yauch given ‘all-clear’
Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch has been given the all-clear in his cancer battle, 18 months after he was diagnosed with the disease.
The star, aka MCA, put his career on hold after doctors found a tumour in his parotid gland in July 2009, and as a result, the band’s album Hot Sauce Committee, Part 1 was delayed indefinitely.
Yauch proved he was on the road to recovery months after having the lump removed when he declared he was “feeling healthy, strong and hopeful”, having adopted a strict vegan diet and turned to ancient Chinese medicine upon the advice of Tibetan doctors.
And his bandmate Mike D reveals the trio’s plans to release the second part of Hot Sauce Committee this spring are back on track now that Yauch has overcome his illness.
In an interview on BBC Radio 1, Mike D calls the news of the all-clear “a good thing”, adding, “We’re really happy about it.”
And while the Beastie Boys’ previously announced first project, Hot Sauce Committee, Part 1, is “still delayed”, Mike D insists fans will be treated to some new music very soon.
He says, “The second one is coming out as originally scheduled.”
The rapper claimed the Beastie Boys were “open” to touring to promote the upcoming release, but admitted it will all depend on how 46-year-old Yauch’s health holds up.
Mike D continues, “We’re still going to have to see how he’s doing.”