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Kevin Smith reveals he won’t do interviews for ‘Red State’
Director Kevin Smith has announced that he won’t be doing interviews to promote new film Red State. Hollywood Outbreak report that the Clerks director is still angry at critics over poor reviews of his last movie, Cop Out, and so will only allow journalists to use quotes from his podcast about his forthcoming horror instead of directly speaking to him.
Smith tweeted: “I’m not press-junketing at all, anywhere. In fact, I’m not doing any press outside of maybe a business piece or 2 to help sell the flick if needed, & radio (LOTS of radio).
“It’s (the podcast) insanely detailed, and by the time we’re done, I’ll have pre-answered all questions about Red State – thus negating the need to speak with me about it.
“From nearly 20 yrs experience, I know this much: folks are gonna write whatever they want, whether I sit down with them or not. So I’ll just furnish all the information I’d normally serve up one at a time to a small, jaded audience that doesn’t really give a shit unless there’s someone famous in the room, to a much larger, appreciative audience that would actually enjoy & benefit from hearing the same information.”
He added, “Nobody needs to talk to me anymore anyway, as anyone who’s curious can always know what I’m thinking 24/7 right here on Twitter.”
Smith has also said in the past that critics who want to see his films should pay. Earlier this year he also announced that: “Writing a nasty review for Cop Out is akin to bullying a retarded kid.”