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Ricky Gervais on Steve Carell leaving ‘The Office’: ‘It’s what’s good for the show that counts’
Ricky Gervais isn’t going to spoil how Steve Carell leaves “The Office” or who might replace him. But he has some definite opinions about it.
In short, Gervais doesn’t care who the show hires — as long as it makes sense within the the show.
“There’s a lot of talk about who’s going to replace Steve Carell. You should never think like that,” Gervais told reporters Wednesday (Dec. 8) during a conference call about his Golden Globes hosting job. “Steve Carell is an actor. You should think about who’s replacing Michael Scott. You’ve got to suspend disbelief — it’s meant to be a fake documentary, and it’s all about the story. Even though we know what’s going on behind the scenes … it’s what’s good for the show that counts.”
Nonetheless, Gervais will be sorry to see Carell leave “The Office” — and not just because it will disrupt the pair’s occasional comedy routine of making fun of one another at awards shows.
“I always joke about him, I always tease him, but I hope people know I think [Carell] is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, genuinely,” Gervais says. “There’s no one like him. He’s untouched by Hollywood, untouched by his fame and cachet — he’s just a lovely family man who loves comedy and the work. He’s done an amazing job, above and beyond the call of duty.”
Carell will find out Tuesday (Dec. 14) if he’s a Golden Globe nominee for the sixth time. Gervais will serve as host of the awards on Jan. 16.