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Katy rocks!!

Katy Perry Gets Raunchy on “The Simpsons”
NEW YORK (Billboard) ñ Earlier this fall concerned parents considered singer Katy Perry’s play-date re-make of “Hot and Cold” with Elmo too risque to air on “Sesame Street.”
Well, if any of those parents saw Perry’s guest spot on last the December 5 episode of “The Simpsons,” the pop star may never set foot on “Sesame Street” again.
Perry guest-starred in a live action sequence of “The Simpsons” holiday episode Monday night as Moe the Bartender’s girlfriend.
The singer appeared in a skimpy red latex dress with cleavage galore and Simpsons characters’ faces plastered on her torso.
In the short scene, Perry delivers a sensual hug to Mr. Burns to improve his usual grumpy mood, after which he says, “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” referencing Perry’s breakout single.
The whole thing ended in a “Simpsons” take on the “12 Days of Christmas.”
While Perry’s usual demographic is accustomed to the singer’s revealing wardrobe choices, things got even racier as the show’s credits rolled. Puppet-sized Moe attempts to kiss human-sized Katy on the mouth but can’t reach. Instead he settles for her belly button, but apparently that was too far as well. “That’s not my belly button” says Perry with feigned shock as Moe buries his face between her legs, “but I didn’t say stop!”
We can only hope Elmo was in bed before this aired.