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Album signed by John Lennon for his killer Mark David Chapman is up for sale
The album that John Lennon signed for Mark David Chapman hours before he killed the former Beatle is on sale for £530,000.
The copy of 1980’s ‘Double Fantasy’ was signed by Lennon as he left his home on December 8, 1980. He was then murdered by Chapman when he returned five hours later.
“The album is the most extraordinary artefact in rock and roll history,” autograph dealer Gary Zimet told “It has Lennon’s signature on the cover and Chapman’s forensically enhanced finger prints on the sleeve.”
“I originally sold it in 1999,” he continued. “But it has come back up for resale. The current owner doesn’t want to be named because he received death threats.”
After Chapman killed Lennon, a maintenance man found the autographed album at the entrance to the Dakota, where Lennon lived. He then handed it over to Police as evidence.
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Currently serving a life sentence, Chapman was recently denied parole for a sixth time.