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Me want ‘SNL’! Cookie Monster auditions on YouTube

NEW YORK ñ Me want “Saturday Night Live!”
Cookie Monster has made an audition tape to convince “SNL” that he can host the show. “Sesame Street” posted the video Wednesday on YouTube and Facebook.
Introducing the tape, Cookie Monster says he wants to “branch out beyond me cookie-eating career.” The four-minute video follows with Cookie Monster doing a run-through of an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”
He performs a brief opening monologue, a “MacGruber”-like sketch dubbed “Macarooner,” a few “Weekend Update” jokes and a musical guest appearance as “Monster Gaga.”
Cookie Monster likely wants to follow Betty White’s lead. The 88-year-old White hosted an episode of “SNL” earlier this year after a Facebook campaign urged such casting.
NBC did not comment.