Here’s to 2012!!!

The Dark Tower, The Bourne Legacy, Ouija And Others Get Official Release Dates
The year 2012 already promises to be one hell of a twelve month period for movie fans. Already set for release are The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, the Spider-Man reboot, and the Superman reboot – and that’s just the superhero stuff. By January 1, 2013 everyone of us my have empty pockets and bank accounts. But there’s room for a lot of movies in the span of 52 weeks and now some more dates are coming out.
Deadline is reporting that Universal has set some more dates for its upcoming slate of films, most of which will find release dates in 2012.
They are:
Larry Crowne, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts – Friday, July 1, 2011
Safe House, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds – Friday, February 10, 2012.
Contraband, starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale – Friday, March 16, 2012
The Bourne Legacy, directed by Tony Gilroy – Friday, August 3, 2012
Ouija, produced by Michael Bay – Friday, November 9, 2012
47 Ronin, starring Keanu Reeves – Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Snow White And The Huntsman, directed by Rupert Sanders – Friday, December 21, 2012
The Dark Tower, directed by Ron Howard – Friday, May 17, 2013
While we had a vague idea about most of these dates, the most surprising in the bunch is the Washington-Reynolds starring Safe House, which has been given a humdrum February date. Just two months ago that part played by Reynolds was being pursued by every male actor in Hollywood, which suggested that the project would be viewed as a tentpole. January and February are the months in which you dump movies that you expect to make nothing at the box office.
Is a special strategy being put in place by Universal here? Are they trying to Avatar it and have it play against zero competition? Or is the project really so dreadful that they want to hide it from sight? Questions, questions, questions.