Batman 3 Has A Title
Big news from the Batman camp in todayís L.A. Times: Christopher Nolan has revealed the name of the third film in his Gotham City trilogy. In July 2012, weíll be queuing for The Dark Knight Rises.
Not only that, but in something of a bombshell, Nolan went on to dispell what many had begun to assume to be a given ñ ìIt wonít be the Riddler,î reports L.A.T.ís blog Hero Complex. So easy to get ahead of yourself, isn’t it? Of course, true to form, the director wouldnít reveal who it would be.
What Nolan seemed most interested in imparting was that heís convinced Warner Bros. to keep telling his story in 2D, and to continue down the path of hi-def IMAX sequences. And heíll get no argument from us on the subject ñ if it ain’t broke, etc.
The post contains one other potentially juicy, enigmatic Nolan quote: ìWeíll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and weíll be introducing some new ones.î From here, you can go down two schools of thought ñ 1) This is a straightforward, non-commital comment. 2) You can subscribe to the oft-chanted mantra that “In comic books, no-one is ever really dead” ñ and we lost two big characters in The Dark Knight. But then again, of course, that doesnít ñ to date ñ really wash with the realistic leanings of the first two films. What was that about getting ahead of ourselves? Pah! Tish! Etc.!