Remember the olde days when it would have been a surprise?!?

Gibson to do ‘Hangover 2’ cameo?
Mel Gibson is reportedly set to bounce back from his recent personal problems with a high-profile cameo role in The Hangover sequel.
The Braveheart star has endured a tough year which saw him split from his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his young daughter Lucia, and the nasty break-up played out in public.
Grigorieva fanned the flames of the former couple’s custody battle by accusing Gibson of beating her in a violent altercation in January, while tape recordings of their bitter arguments hit headlines across the world.
Gibson now looks set to make light of his troubles with a big screen comeback in the highly-anticipated follow-up to the hit 2009 movie, which sees the action transferred from Las Vegas to Thailand.
A source tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, “It’s a done deal. Mel will make a cameo as a tattoo artist. Filming is taking place on the Warner Bros. lot, where a Bangkok set has been built, and Mel is expected to film his role in two weeks. Then the production moves to Thailand at the end of October.”
The news comes just days after cast member Sasha Barrese teased fans about an “unbelievable” surprise guest, which prompted speculation shamed golfer Tiger Woods would be making an appearance in the film.
He said, “It’s the best cameo you’ve ever seen in your entire life. It’s a guy. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s the best.”
The first film, starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and Ed Helms, featured a famous cameo slot from boxing legend Mike Tyson.