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Scream 2010 delivers big stars and horror galore
LOS ANGELES ñ There were superheroes and vampires, Ghostbusters, rockers and zombies ó and that was just in the audience.
Even more outrageous characters graced the Greek Theater stage at Spike TV’s annual Scream Awards on Saturday night ó a tribute to horror, sci-fi, comics and fantasy. The fan-fueled awards show/TV special welcomed scores of stars and hundreds of costumed fans.
On a spectacular stage that looked like a warped Metropolis flanked by two gargoyle-rimmed platforms, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Don Cheadle, Kelly Osbourne, Mickey Rourke and dozens of other famous faces from some of TV and film’s most popular properties treated the crowd to hours of pop-culture indulgence.
Sigourney Weaver emerged from a giant brain-shaped pod to accept “Heroine” honors from James Cameron. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd got a standing ovation as they reunited with a DeLorean car to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Back to the Future.” Jimmy Kimmel honored the cast of “Lost” with a special farewell in front of a flaming piece of fuselage.
“This whole thing was a lot more fun than the Emmys,” cast member Henry Ian Cusick said after the tribute.
The cast of HBO’s “True Blood” ó including Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Trammell and creator Alan Ball ó appeared together to claim several awards. Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone of “Twilight” joined to accept the prize for best fantasy film, and Bill Murray appeared in full “Ghostbusters” gear to claim an award for “Zombieland.”
Not to overlook the writers, Aaron Eckhart presented Ray Bradbury with the Comic-Con Icon award for his dedication to the annual pop-culture festival.
“He’s attended every single Comic-Con since its inception, which makes him the ultimate fanboy,” Eckhart said. “At 90 years old, Ray Bradbury continues to prove that the human imagination knows no bounds.”
The gargoyles on stage breathed fire to punctuate his words.
Fans voted online for awards in 30 categories, including best villain and most memorable mutilation. Not all 30 prizes were presented during Saturday’s show.
Rapper M.I.A., who arrived in a burqa, added a musical touch to the program.
Perhaps hinting at next year’s winners were exclusive previews of a new crop of horror and fantasy films. Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts and David Arquette presented footage from “Scream 4.” The stars of “Paranormal Activity” and “The Walking Dead” also presented never-before-seen clips. Sir Anthony Hopkins introduced a look at “The Rite.” There was also a peek at the latest “Harry Potter” film.
But the most anticipated movie, according to Spike viewers, was “Green Lantern.” Stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively appeared together to accept the night’s final prize.
Though Saturday’s show spanned more than three hours, “Scream 2010” is set to air Tuesday as a 90-minute special.