She will be missed!!

Heather Graham Out Of The Hangover 2, Secret Cameo Promised
The Hangover 2 promises to be a reunion of our favorite characters from last year’s comedy hit, but now it looks like one actress is going to be left behind. E! Online reports, citing a representative from Warner Bros., that Heather Graham, who played Ed Helms’ temporary stripper/escort bride, Jade, won’t be returning for the sequel. According to the source, the story simply didn’t have enough space for her character.
As for who will be showing up, the site also got word from Sasha Barrese, who will be returning as Justin Bartha’s character’s wife, that the film will have an “unbelievable” actor showing up that she describes as “the best cameo you’ve ever seen in your entire life.” Let me be the skeptical one to say that it will be hard to beat Bill Murray in Zombieland.
While she’s not exactly the greatest actress in the world, I’m actually sad to see Heather Graham go. The end of the first movie seemed to set up a relationship between her character and Helms’ and now that Rachael Harris’s awful bitch character Melissa is out of the picture, there was a chance to explore that. Having said that, if they’ve got something bigger and better cooking, I won’t miss it.