Pffft!!! I still love them and am looking forward to seeing them TWICE in November!!

Attention Weezer: Break up and youíll get $10 million
Are you one of those people who hated Raditude so much that youíre willing to pay money for Weezer to disappear? Well, hereís your chance, thanks to Seattle resident and anti-new-Weezer advocate James Burns.
According to The Stranger (via Pitchfork), Burns has launched a campaign to raise $10 million with the hope of using it to entice the Rivers Cuomo-led outfit into retirement. HmmÖ I wonder how much Justin Bieber could get?
Despite portraying himself as anything but, Burns writes that heís been a fan of the band since the early í90s. His proposal is to merely protect fans from ìAnother pile of crap like ëBeverly Hillsí or ëIím Your Daddy.í ìAccording to his math, that means that the 852,000 fans who bought Pinkerton just have to drop $12 each and we can say farewell to Rivers Cuomo and company forever. Incidentally, thatís a lot less than what youíd have to pay to see Weezer on their upcoming ìBlinkertonî tour.
Already, the campaign has raised some $136. That would definitely be enough for us to never mention Make Believe ever again, FYI.