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Wonder Woman headed to TV with David E. Kelley
Wonder Woman is still heading to the screen, but instead of coming to a theater near you, the Amazon princess is returning to television.
Warner Bros. Television is developing a modern-day reboot of the classic DC comic book heroine and has lassoed an unlikely talent to potentially write and produce the superhero project: David E. Kelley, the showrunner behind legal dramas such as ìAlly McBeal,î “Boston Legal” and “The Practice.”
The news comes after nearly a decade of attempts by Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver to launch a big-screen version. Actresses ranging from Angelina Jolie to Beyonce Knowles to Megan Fox have thrown their hat in the ring for the starring role at one time or another.
In 2005, Warner Bros. announced Joss Whedon would write and direct the film adaptation. But Whedon said he never ended up being able to finish the draft, and two years later left the project (he’s back in the superhero world, though, prepping “The Avengers” for a winter shoot).
“They just didn’t like my take,” Whedon said at the time. “It’s pretty simple.”
Any new “Wonder Woman” won’t likely have an easy road to the small screen either.
Though the 1975-79 TV series starring Lynda Carter remains the most memorable version of the character in pop culture, major networks have struggled to make female-driven action series work beyond superhero shows work beyond NBC’s “Heroes.” NBC’s “Bionic Woman,” which was likewise best known for its 1970s TV version, and could haunt attempts to get a series launch, and Fox’s “Dollhouse” struggled during its two seasons on Fox.
But if any place exists for a female-driven superhero series, it would be in TV land not film. While movies like ìDaredevilî spin-off ìElektra,î starring Jennifer Garner, bombed on the big screen, the small-screen has been home to ìBuffy the Vampire Slayer,î a character which first failed as a movie, and ìAlias,î the spy series which starred Garner.
Warner Bros. had no comment.