Star Trek

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William Shatner rules out ‘Star Trek’ return
William Shatner has said he won’t play James T Kirk in Star Trek 2, the sequel to last year’s remake of the science fiction classic. Shatner’s former co-star Leonard Nimoy starred in the first Star Trek reboot as an older version of Spock.
Shatner expressed disappointment at not being invited to cameo in the last film, yet now believes he is too old to play the character.
The actor told “I’ve become a buddy of JJ [Abrams, the director of the new films], but I don’t know if they can solve the problem of how you put the body I’m in now with the Kirk that we remember from 40 years ago.”
Chris Pine played Kirk in the 2009 film and Shatner said that he “appreciated his performance”.
Star Trek 2 is set for a 2012 release.