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‘Breakfast Club’ stars reunite
Actress Molly Ringwald reunited with her former The Breakfast Club castmates on Monday night to pay tribute to late director John Hughes at a special event in New York.
The now-grown-up kids from the cult 1980s movie – Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy – gathered at the Film Society For Lincoln Center event, 25 years after shooting the iconic picture.
The four stars last appeared together at the 2010 Academy Awards, during a tribute to Hughes, who died last year. The fifth remaining Breakfast Club member, Emilio Estevez, was the only noticeable absentee from the anniversary event.
Praising the late filmmaker, Sheedy said, “(Hughes) put different parts of himself into all the different characters. He was just like that. He was brutally honest and open, so I think all those things are in the movie… Teenagers were treated with such respect in this movie. I think that’s why people remember it so well.”
And Sheedy was excited about the prospect of introducing the classic film to a whole new generation of film fans – taking her own daughter along to the event as her date.