R.E.M. Live DVD On The Way, Album In The Works
Youíd think that after three decades of masterful music-making, R.E.M. might at least consider starting to slow their flow, but apparently thatís not in the cards for the Athens artistes. On October 26th, New West will unveil a brand new in-concert R.E.M. DVD, but this video doesnít capture the band at just any old venue, it documents their 2008 debut appearance on the legendary Austin City Limits TV show. The 17 tracks on R.E.M. Live From Austin, TX include old favorites like ìLosing My Religionî and ìMan on the Moonî as well tunes from their latest offering, Accelerate, and three songs that were never seen/heard by home viewers of the program.
But thereís more than that happening on the R.E.M. front ó the band has been busy in a Nashville studio putting the finishing touches on their next album. Produced by Jacknife Lee (known for his work with U2 and Snow Patrol, among others), itís expected that the latest R.E.M. opus will see the light of day sometime in 2011.
DVD track listing:
1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge
2. Man-Sized Wreath
3. Drive
4. So. Central Rain (previously not broadcast)
5. Accelerate
6. Fall On Me (previously not broadcast)
7. Hollow Man
8. Electrolite
9. Houston
10. Supernatural Superserious
11. Bad Day
12. Losing My Religion
13. Iím Gonna DJ
14. Horse To Water
15. Imitation Of Life (previously not broadcast)
16. Until The Day Is Done
17. Man On The Moon