Phoenix headed back to ëLettermaní
LOS ANGELES – After his now infamous television interview with David Letterman last year, actor Joaquin Phoenix is returning to the U.S. talk show hostís guest chair.
With his bizarre new movie ìIím Still Hereî still tantalizing audiences and movie critics, the acclaimed actor turned hip-hop wannabe will be a guest on the ìLate Showî on September 22, broadcaster CBS said on Monday.
Phoenixís mumbling, shambling February 2009 appearance on the ìLate Show with David Lettermanî, when the Oscar-nominated actor spoke of his surprise decision to retire from acting prompted suspicions that he was staging an elaborate hoax.
The 2009 episode garnered eight million views on-line between YouTube and
Phoenixís strange behavior is now chronicled in the documentary movie ìIím Still Hereî which got its premiere at the Venice film festival last week and has left viewers guessing about its sincerity.
Directed by his brother-in-law, actor Casey Affleck, the film follows Phoenixís transition from brooding actor to bearded, shambolic hip-hop wannabe.
The film opened in U.S. theaters last week.
In anticipation of Phoenixís visit to ìLate Showî next week, CBS will rebroadcast that fateful February 11 appearance on September 16.