Everybody leaves eventually!

‘Saturday Night Live’: Will Forte not returning next season
Has MacGruber survived his last explosion? Word is that Will Forte is keeping up the “Saturday Night Live” tradition of late-August departures by not coming back to the series for Season 36. The New York Times reports that multiple sources say Forte won’t be coming back and that the parting was amicable — though at Forte’s request. He wants to devote more time to other projects.
Hopefully those other projects will bring him more success than “MacGruber,” the hilarious but certifiable bomb adaptation of one of his many “SNL” characters.
And there’ve been so many… the Falconer, Clancy T Bachleratt, absent-minded Espn Classic commentator Greg Stink and, most recently, the monotone lothario Hamilton, whose inappropriate speeches at weddings, funerals and Q&S made for some of last season’s funnier sketches.
Zap2it’s requests to NBC for comment were not immediately returned.