I am not sure I even want to see this film, even though I am a huge fan of David Fincher!!

Facebook film’s drug scene faces cut
Producers of David Fincher’s new movie The Social Network have made a series of changes to the film at the demand of disapproving Facebook executives.
Producer Scott Rudin gave bosses of the hit networking website an early preview of the film after they voiced concerns that company founder Mark Zuckerberg – played by Jesse Eisenberg – would be portrayed in a negative light.
Rudin tells the New York Times two top Facebook executives “saw the movie a while ago, and they do not like it”.
Movie chiefs have agreed to make changes and are considering deleting a controversial scene in which Justin Timberlake, playing Napster co-founder Sean Parker, gives a speech while teenage girls in the background offer lines of cocaine for partygoers to snort off their bared breasts.
But Rudin has assured cinemagoers the film hasn’t been completely transformed, adding: “We made exactly the movie we wanted to make.”
The Social Network will hit theatres later this year.