Part of me is really excited about this!!

Bruce Willis Says Die Hard 5 Is Imminent
John McClane has stopped terrorists at Nakatomi Plaza, foiled a plot at Dulles Airport, halted an enormous gold heist in New York City and made certain a cyber geek didnít cripple Western civilization as we know it. There nothing left for the guy to accomplish right? Bruce Willis doesnít think so. In an ultra-awkward interview with MTV Willis claims the next installment to the Die Hard franchise is ìimminent.î
In the interview, Willis doesnít speculate on whether Live Freeís Len Wiseman will also direct the next chapter in the McClane-terrorist fighting turnstile, but it appears the movie is happening one way or another. This leads me to wonder what evil is left for McClane to combat. Heís conquered almost every kind of bad guy and farfetched plot imaginable. Thatís not to say it shouldnít happen. If Live Free proved anything, itís that big time, ridiculous action movies are still in Willisís wheelhouse. Another Die Hard movie would be welcomed with open arms. The last one was a box office and critical success by almost any metric.
Willis is currently filming Catch .44 with Forest Whitaker and Nikki Reed. Heíll also be seen alongside Jamie Foxx next year in Kane and Lynch.