I won’t lie to you, I paid $150 to see him this summer, and I still think it was waaaaaay too much!! But if the show is great, I’ll won’t think of the cost.

Bon Jovi defends ticket costs
Rockers Bon Jovi have defended their ticket-pricing system ahead of the band’s upcoming London residency after they were accused of overcharging fans – insisting the huge costs are only for special packages.
The Livin’ On A Prayer hitmakers are making the British capital their home while they play several gigs at the O2 arena, starting from Monday.
Fans were left fuming when they discovered the ticket prices, with the highest costing a staggering $2,080.
But frontman Jon Bon Jovi is adamant the expensive tickets are for special packages only – and the group’s loyal followers can still purchase seats at affordable prices.
He tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “Those tickets are a couple of special package tickets.
“I don’t really know what they are, they could be anything. It may be that you get everything and it may be 20 tickets. But it ain’t the front row and it ain’t the front section. It’s certainly not gipping (conning) anyone else out of anything.”