Rush this one to court!!

Rush upset music used in campaign
Lawyers representing Canadian rockers Rush have ordered an U.S. politician to stop using their music as part of his Senate campaign.
The musicians are said to have been left fuming after discovering Kentucky’s Republican candidate Rand Paul had been using their tracks during public events and in online adverts as he seeks election to office.
Robert Farmer, an attorney for the band’s Entertainment Group Inc. record label, has written to Paul’s campaign officials claiming the use of Rush’s music violates copyright laws, according to
He has also asked for Paul’s political video to be removed from
Farmer tells the publication, “This is not a political issue – this is a copyright issue. We would do this no matter who it is.”
The news comes just weeks after former Talking Heads star David Byrne filed a $1 million lawsuit against Florida Governor Charlie Crist, alleging he used hit Road To Nowhere in his campaign without permission.