Congrats to them all!!

CBC wins 5 Canadian journalism awards
CBC took home the most prizes in this year’s competition for the Canadian Association of Journalists awards for the country’s best journalism, grabbing five of the 15 honours awarded.
Canada’s national professional organization for reporters, editors, producers and photographers announced the winners on Saturday at its annual conference in Montreal.
Gordon Hoekstra of the Prince George Citizen took the CAJ’s top prize, the Don McGillivray Award for Investigative Journalism, for his story, Downtown Fix, in the Prince George Citizen.
He also won in the community newspaper category for the article.
The CBC’s winners were:
– Faith and Spirituality: Maureen Brosnahan, The Least of These, CBC Radio.
– Open Radio/News Current Affairs: Tina Pittaway and Neil Sandell, Risky Business, CBC Radio One.
– Open Television (less than five minutes): Lynn Burgess and Laurie Graham, eHealth Ontario scandal, The National.
– Regional Television: Chris O’Neill-Yates, Who’s Minding the Kids, CBC News, Newfoundland.
– Scoop: Alison Crawford, Bishop Lahey, CBC Radio.
Others who brought home journalism honours were Michael Friscolanti in the magazine category for After the Detention, a Betrayal (Maclean’s).
Matthieu Aikins won in the print feature category for Unembedded in Afghanistan (The Coast).
And Louie Palu took the photojournalism prize for The Front Line (Zuma Press).
The CAJ has about 900 members across Canada.