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U2 postpones tour as Bono recovers from back surgery
Just in: Live Nation has confirmed that the U2 360∞ North American tour will be postponed until 2011.
Bono underwent emergency surgery on Friday, following a back injury. According to Bono’s doctor, Muller Wohlfahrt, “Bono suffered severe compression of the sciatic nerve. On review of his MRI scan, I realized there was a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc, and that conservative treatment would not suffice. I recommended Bono have emergency spine surgery with Professor Tonn at Munich’s LMU University Hospital on Friday.”
Bono had been suffering from a “partial paralysis” in his lower leg, says Wohlfahrt in the release. Says Tonn: “Bono is now much better, with complete recovery of his motor deficit.”
Bono has been discharged from Ludwig Maximilians-University Hospital and will start a rehabilitation program expected to last at least eight weeks.