Keep the title, make the show better!!!

Is Cougar Town Getting a New Title?
Fans of Cougar Town may have to re-set their DVRs soon.
The showís co-creator Bill Lawrence is hoping to change the ABC comedyís title for the next season since it has evolved into an ensemble show rather than one that only focuses on Courteney Coxës character, Jules Cobb.
ìYou would be hard-pressed to watch the last three episodes of the show and asked anyone for titles I doubt anyone would say ëCougar Town,í î Lawrence tells
But thereís another reason why heís hoping for the name makeover: Attracting people who normally wouldnít watch a show with the existing title. ìPartly as a result of common sense and partly from [the studio’s] research, they find too many instances of testing of people saying they would never watch a show called Cougar Town ó ëI donít want to see some show about a 40-year-old woman nailing younger guys,í î says Lawrence. ìAnd then they screen an episode, and people go, ëOh, I would watch this show.í ì
So what title does he have in mind? Lawrence says he constantly jokes the show should be called Friends and Neighbors with the ëFriendsë written in the same font as Coxís old show. But he doesnít ìwant to put [ideas] out there yet.î