I love it when shows have end dates!!!

‘Mad Men’ may end after Season 6
The third-season finale of “Mad Men” last fall may have marked the show’s halfway point — at least if creator Matthew Weiner gets his way.
During a session at last week’s National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, Weiner told the audience that he couldn’t see the show going past a sixth season — or at least, he wouldn’t be involved after that. This according to The Weekly Blend, which was at Weiner’s session.
The AMC is currently filming its fourth season and is set to premiere in the summer.
That Weiner would want to set an end date for the show isn’t a big surprise. He’s said since “Mad Men’s” early days that he wanted to explore the decade of the 1960s through the eyes of his characters — in fact, early on he had envisioned the show as running for five seasons.
The show’s first three seasons, however, spanned less than half of the decade. Last season’s finale took place in December 1963, and as usual the spoiler-averse Weiner hasn’t given any hints as to when the new season will pick up.