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Record Store Day unearths rare tracks
Plundered My Soul, a recently found and never-before-released Rolling Stones song, is among dozens of rare tracks set for limited-edition release Saturday for Record Store Day.
The brainchild of Chris Brown of the Bull Moose U.S. indie record stores, Record Store Day is aimed at celebrating and promoting independent music retailers and their customers.
Only 1,000 copies of each artist’s special-edition record will be sold, making them instant collector’s items.
Unearthed recently as the Rolling Stones were preparing the forthcoming reissue of their 1972 double album Exile on Main Street, Plundered My Soul will be released on vinyl and as a digital download this weekend.
Other artists who will have limited-edition releases Saturday include:
John Lennon
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Jimi Hendrix
The Beastie Boys
Lily Allen
Pet Shop Boys
The Flaming Lips
Ani DiFranco
“My local independent record shop (Honest Jons) is a library, where you can go to listen to music, learn about it, exchange ideas about it and be inspired by it,” said Blur frontman Damon Albarn, part of a long list of artists who offered support for the Record Store Day on the event’s website.
“I think independent record shops will outlive the music industry as we know it because, long term, their value to people is far greater…[E]ven in our era of file-sharing and blogs, you can’t replace the actual look on someone’s face when they are playing something they really rate and think you should listen to it too. It’s special.”
Record Store Day events will be held at independent music stores around the globe, including in Canada, Britain, the U.S., Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Israel and New Zealand.