South Park

Bring it on!!

‘South Park’s’ 200th episode: Class-action lawsuit
In the 200th episode of “South Park,” the gang faces “every celebrity the town of South Park has ever p***** off joining forces to get revenge.”
“Our day has come. A class-action lawsuit from every celebrity this town has ever mocked!” roars Rob Reiner, standing between Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. Even Mecha-Streisand is there!
That sounds excellent, but it also sounds a little bit like the series finale of a popular NBC comedy from the 1990s. We hope our four little intrepid “South Park” boys don’t end up in jail like Elaine, George, Jerry and Kramer did.
We also wish it wasn’t merely a half-hour episode. This sounds like a celebrity skewering of epic proportions. Shouldn’t it be like a feature-length movie? It’s about time they did another one of those anyway.
“South Park’s” recent 199th episode was another excellent outing by the Trey Parker-Matt Stone show. It took a shot at the phenomenon of Facebook.