I truly love both Alice and Hayley!!

Alice Eve Could Be Captain America’s Girlfriend
A few days ago we learned that Emily Blunt had taken herself out of the running to be the female lead in Captain America. So now they may be looking to hire someone with, well, fewer options. According to E Online that someone may be Alice Eve, who they is the frontrunner to play the part of Peggy Carter in The First Avenger: Captain America.
If you know Alice Eve at all, you probably know her from the commercials for Sheís Out Of My League. You donít know her from the movie because Iím pretty sure no one except me saw it. What I can tell you is that, in Sheís Out Of My League at least, she was miscast. They had her playing the supermodel bombshell type and thatís not what she is at all. To her credit, she makes the role work in spite of that, but hereís hoping they arenít trying something similar with Peggy Carter in Cap. From what I know of the role, it sounds like more of an Alice Eve fit.
Peggy Carter was Captain Americaís girlfriend during World War II. That means Alice would be playing a period-specific character rather than a modern bombshell. Sheís also a sort of tough, beautiful, military trained girl. I can see Alice Eve pulling that off brilliantly. However, odds are sheíll only do it for one film. Though Cap is likely to show up in several different Marvel movies, word is that First Avenger: Captain America will be the only one set in the past. So if she gets it, for Alice this will be a one movie deal.
Even if this rumor does turn out to be true, she doesnít have the part yet. E! says Keria Knightley was up for it at one point, but dropped out. Hayley Atwell is also supposed to be up for the part.