It remains my favourite Law & Order Show!!!

‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’: Vincent D’Onofrio says goodbye
Vincent D’Onofrio has been in 131 episodes of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” dating back to its inception in 2001.
He is appearing in the two-part Season 9 premiere of the show, which aired part one on March 30 and part two April 6, so his character Detective Robert Goren can pass the reins of the Major Case Squad to Detective Zack Nichols (Jeff Goldblum).
D’Onofrio tells USA, “I do think I’m a better actor since the show … It would be hard to explain in one sitting what it’s like to play a character for so long but it’s definitely an incredible exercise for an actor.”
This is just one of the many cast shakeups happening to the show. Kathryn Erbe also departs with D’Onofrio, the two remaining original cast members. Julianna Nicholson has also left the show and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has joined the cast as the new captain.
This may not be quite the final curtain for Detective Goren, though. D’Onofrio teased back in September when his departure was announced, “For all my loyal ‘CI’ fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if Goren pops up from time to time.”