Mock her, Tina!! Mock her a lot!!!

Tina Fey plans to take on Sarah Palin again when she returns to ‘SNL’ Saturday
When Tina Fey returns to ìSaturday Night Liveî to guest host on April 10, sheíll apparently be reviving one of her most popular impressions. Fey told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that she expects to portray former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in another sketch.
ìIím sure weíll be trying to write something about her,î Fey said during an interview to promote her new movie, ìDate Night.î
A spokeswoman for ìSNLî said she could not confirm which sketches were in the works, noting that it was a live program subject to change.
Feyís devastating take on the onetime GOP vice presidential nominee was one of the standout memes of the 2008 presidential contest, culminating with a guest appearance on ìSNLî by Palin herself.
The writer and actress said sheís been too busy working on ì30 Rockî to pay much attention to Palin in recent weeks, but the former Alaska governor has offered her fans and critics plenty of fodder. She joined former running mate John McCain on the campaign trail, debuted a new show on Fox News and signed a deal to star in a docu-series about Alaska that will air on TLC.