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Burger ad ruins Violent Femmes
A TV ad for a fast food treat appears to have wrecked a Violent Femmes reunion – because feuding bandmates can’t agree over the use of their song in the commercial.
The tune, Blister in the Sun, was used as the soundtrack for a Wendy’s commercial in 2007 – and bass player Brian Ritchie still can’t get the bad taste out of his mouth.
He tells, “I don’t like having my sound misappropriated to sell harmful products, such as fast food. That’s not why we made the music. It should not be hijacked.”
Ritchie blames former bandmate Gordon Gano for selling Wendy’s the rights to use the cult track, which is actually about masturbation, and he sued the frontman, claiming the ad wrecked the band’s reputation.
He and Gano are back on speaking terms, but Ritchie insists a reported reunion is out of the question: “There are certainly some disputes that haven’t been resolved.”
Ritchie currently performs with Midnight Oil spin-off band The Break.