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“Clash of the Titans” set to win box office battle
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) ñ Easter weekend will be sweetened with yet another 3D release, as “Clash of the Titans” aims to exploit the format’s surging popularity.
The remake of the 1981 cult classic, starring “Avatar” hero Sam Worthington, is on track to march north of $60 million through Sunday — about half its production budget.
The Warner Bros. release opens Wednesday evening in about 3,000 2D and 3D theaters. Starting on Friday, it will play in roughly 3,700 theaters, with about half showing the action fantasy on at least one 3D screen and the others playing it in 2D only.
That represents about 17% fewer 3D venues than DreamWorks Animation’s reigning champ “How to Train Your Dragon,” which opened last weekend in 2,178 3D theaters and 4,055 locations overall. But it seems enough to validate a decision by Warners just a couple months ago to convert “Titans” to 3D.
“Dragon,” meanwhile, will boast roughly the same number of 3D venues this weekend as the previous frame, when it bowed with a relatively disappointing $43.7 million.
Some had predicted that with the March 5 debut of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland,” the industry’s still-limited base of 3D cinemas would prevent “Dragon” or “Titans” — or both — from scraping together enough extra-dimensional distribution. As it turns out, the latter two pictures have come out relatively unscathed, and “Alice” has shed hundreds of extra-dimensional playdates.
On Friday, Lionsgate will release Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?” Tracking shows Perry’s first sequel should fetch upward of $25 million, or roughly midrange if measured against previous Perry openings. “Why Did I Get Married?” bowed with $21.4 million in 2007 and finished with $55.2 million in the U.S. and Canada, and the prolific filmmaker’s most recent outing, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” opened to $23.4 million in September, en route to $51.7 million overall domestically.
Disney gets a two-day jump on the frame with a Wednesday bow for its Miley Cyrus starrer “The Last Song.” The romantic drama should reach the teen millions for its first five days.
Easter weekend generally is a solid box office session, with Good Friday strengthened by kids and some adults having the day off. But this weekend will be compared with a non-Easter frame from last year, a $155 million session topped by the $71 million launch of “Fast & Furious.”