Bye bye, bar!!

‘Trailer Park’ bar out of business
HALIFAX, N.S. – It’s back to wrangling shopping carts for Bubbles and his crew.
Bubbles’ Mansion, a Halifax bar owned in part by the actor who portrayed the bug-eyed character on the “Trailer Park Boys” TV show and movies, has gone out of business.
Brad Hartlin, manager of the nightspot that opened in 2006, blamed the decision in part on a municipal ban on cheap drinks.
“We decided that … if we have to make a change, the business became not viable,” he told the CBC.
In an effort to combat public drunkenness, the municipality brought in regulations a while back to ban $1 drink nights. The minimum charge for a drink in the city is now $2.50.
Hartlin said the move resulted in smaller crowds and revenues.
“I bet you sales will be down for most people by 50 per cent since that happened,” he said. “People aren’t out like they used to be.”
Actor Mike Smith, who portrayed the myopic Bubbles in the cult show, was a part owner of the bar.