Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Why?!?!?

Wolverine Sequel Shooting In January?
X-Men Origins: Wolverine might not exactly have been the cool Logan spin-off we were all hoping for, but it did well enough to justify a sequel, which Hugh Jackman at least has been promising will focus on his time in Japan. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporterís Hollywood 411 blog, the new film is ready to start shooting in January.
Well, ìreadyî if you donít count the fact that it doesnít have a director or other cast in place yet and the only real part of the film that seems to exist is Christopher McQuarrieís script, which heís apparently just handed in. Which means the January start – at least until Fox decides to announce things officially – is still technically a rumour.
Still, thereís plenty of time to gather everything else thatís needed (including time in Jackmanís packed schedule) and according to the blogís source, ìitís a beautiful story, and will be very different than the first film.î You mean itíll be good this time? Claws crossedÖ