Poor Mel!!

Mel Gibson loses his cool again
Mel Gibson has been caught name calling again – and this time it aired on TV.
The movie star had an uncomfortable satellite interview with U.S. TV presenter Dean Richards on Friday and signed off by calling the host an “a**hole”.
The WGN-TV personality pressed Gibson, who was promoting new film The Edge of Darkness, on his past indiscretions, asking the Aussie if he thought the public’s perception of him had changed following his 2006 drink driving arrest, in which the actor spewed anti-Semitic insults at a police officer and was publicly shamed.
A visibly annoyed Gibson replied, “That’s almost four years ago, dude. I’ve moved on, I guess you haven’t… I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas, so let’s move on, dude. Come on.”
Richards then concluded the interview, urging film fans to see Gibson’s new film.
The actor said, “Bye bye,” took a swig of coffee and then called the TV host an “asshole”, thinking he was no longer live and the interview was over.
The TV encounter has been picked up and aired on