Obama State of the Union Threatens Lost Premiere
Lost has had to overcome many obstacles through its first five seasons, but never before has it been threatened by the Commander-In-Chief.
News is circulating the Internet today that the White House is considering either January 26 or February 2 for President Obama’s State of the Union Address.
Losties know full well February 2 is the season six premiere which would mean if that date is chosen, the planned 3-hour event would be preempted in favor of a political speech. Doesn’t anyone in the White House watch Lost? Ouch!
ABC is surely monitoring this situation closely and has a backup plan in place should they lose their date. I have a hard time imagining Lost starting after the Address, which would leave either the previous or following Tuesday evenings as likely candidates.
Of course there is a big Twitter movement underway with a hashtag of #NoStateofUnionFeb2 to stop this television travesty in its tracks. Personally I favor returning to Lost on schedule rather than another update on the improving economy and the latest anti-terrorist measures.