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Rihanna wants sex for Xmas
All Rihanna wants for Christmas is good food and a bit of naughty fun under the tree.
The Umbrella singer has had a tumultuous 12 months during which she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but she’s hoping to end the year with a smile – she’s asking Santa for a delicious homecooked meal and a bedroom romp.
When asked what’s topping her wish list, Rihanna replied, “Some great food and some great sex. That’s not too much to ask, right? The sex might be a little difficult but my mum is coming to cook me some food. She does spicy stew called pepper pot. It sounds strange but it’s really, really good.”
Rihanna admits she’s never seen snow at Christmas – because she always returns to her native Barbados for the holidays: “We do the whole traditional tree thing, it’s just not a white Christmas. I might be in Barbados (this year) but I’m thinking about spending it with my grandparents in New York.”