So, obviously they haven’t learned anything from the bad hosts that they have already had this year!!

Taylor Lautner, James Franco to host ‘Saturday Night Live’
“Saturday Night Live” has landed Taylor Lautner, wolfy guy from “Twilight’s New Moon” as a host. Ooh, maybe there will be a Taylor Swift cameo!
Lautner and James Franco are the two newest names to be added to “SNL’s” December hosting lineup after “Gossip Girl’s” Blake Lively was revealed as the Dec. 5 host, paired with Rihanna as musical guest.
Lautner, who became a “Rolling Stone” cover boy and was briefly on NBC with the short-lived “My Own Worst Enemy,” will follow on Dec. 12, making his hosting debut alongside musical guest Bon Jovi. Lautner’s face and body have been plastered everywhere in the media in conjunction with the release of “New Moon,” the second installment of the “Twilight” saga that features his character Jacob coming into his own supernatural heritage.
Lautner can be seen next in the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day,” to be released in February 2010.
Franco, who has been guest starring on “General Hospital,” will host for his second time out on Dec. 19 with the band Muse. Franco has his own romantic comedy coming out, “Your Highness” opposite Natalie Portman in 2010, and the upcoming biopic “Howl” about poet Allen Ginsberg.