Heres to more Foo…whenever they are ready!!

Foo Fighters taking a break
The Foo Fighters are taking a break from each other after 15 years.
Frontman Dave Grohl reveals the band’s new greatest hits record marks the end of an era – and it’s time to take a hiatus.
He tells CNN, “I think the band decided to take a break, not because we wanted to stop making music, but because we thought the world needed to take a break from us.
“This greatest hits record, that’s the end of something… It’s time to move on into this next chapter or another phase. Maybe it will be different in whatever way. I don’t know.
“It’s nice to not know what’s going to happen next. We’re going over to do some shows in Europe, but, after that, it’s like I don’t even know when I’m going to see these guys. So it’s kind of weird.”
But Grohl does know where he wants to record the rock act’s next album: “I do know I want to try to make the next record in my garage. I’m serious.”