He told me about this CD at the Oscars!!

Peter Gabriel back in studio
Singer Peter Gabriel is eyeing a return to the spotlight – he’s set to release his first album for seven years in 2010.
The former Genesis frontman has teamed up with a number of artists to record versions of their hits for Scratch My Back, a completely acoustic project recorded without guitars or drums.
The collaborators have reciprocated by covering one of Gabriel’s tracks for the disc.
Composer John Metcalfe, who has helped produce some of the the songs, insists fans will be surprised by the star’s orchestral reinterpretations.
In a post on Gabriel’s official website, Metcalfe writes, “I’m not allowed to say who, just yet, but there are some very, very famous singers and bands involved. It sounds amazing, even though I say it myself. It is literally Peter with an orchestra, sometimes the orchestra is quite large, then there are some more chamber music-style, sparse songs.
“But the songs are not simply covers, they are quite major reinterpretations of some famous stuff. It’s quite radical and we’re hoping that people really get it and enjoy it. There are some all time great singer-songwriters and bands, and then there are some bands that are very, very well known from the last 10 years, and one or two more recent bands and singers as well. There should be something in there for everybody.”